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  1. If there were no subjunctive mood, English _________ much easier.

  A. will be B. would have been

  C. could have been D. would be

  2. If I _____ you, I’d join the army.

  A. amB. wasC. wereD. would be

  3. If he _______ tomorrow, he would find Mr Wang in the office.

  A. comesB. will comeC. should comeD. come

  4. If it _______ next week , the crops would be saved.

  A. rainsB. will rainsC. would rainD. should rain

  5. If I _______ it, I would do it in a different way.

  A. were to doB. doC. had doneD. was to do

  6. Supposing the weather ________ bad, where would you go ?

  A. isB. will beC. wereD. be

  7. If he had worked harder, he _________.

  A. would succeedB. had succeeded

  C. should succeedD. would have succeeded

  8. If he ________, he _________ that food.

  A. was warned; would not take

  B. had been warned; would not have taken

  C. would be warned; had not taken

  D. would have been warned; had not taken

  9. If my lawyer _________ here last Saturday, he _______ me from going.

  A. had been; would have prevented

  B. had been; would prevent

  C. were; would prevent

  D. were; would have prevented

  10. If he ______ it, he _______ it.

  A. had seen; could have believedB. saw; couldn’t believe

  C. saw; couldn’t have believedD. has seen; had believed

  11. -Do you think the thief entered through the window?

  -No, if he had, I don’t believe, _______ broken the living-room’s window.

  A. he would haveB. he must have

  C. he hadD. should he have

  12. -Did you go swimming last Sunday?

  -No. We would have gone ______ nicer.

  A. if the weather was

  B. would the weather have been

  C. had the weather been

  D. should the weather be

  13. ______ it ______ for your help, I couldn’t have made any progress.

  A. Had; not beenB. Should; not been

  C. Did; not beenD. Not; been

  14. _______ today, he would get there by Friday.

  A. Would have leftB. Was he leaving

  C. Were he to leaveD. If he leaves

  15. It is ordered that a new bridge ______ over the wide river.

  A. should be builtB. would built

  C. will be builtD. built

  16.If it is fine tomorrow, we ______ a football match.

  a. have b. will have c. has d. shall has

  17.When he was at school, he ______ early and take a walk before breakfast.

  a. will rise b. shall rise b. should rise would rise

  18.In the past 30 years China ______ great advances in the socialist revolution and socialist construction.

  a. has made b. have made c. had made d. having made

  19.I ______ go to bed until I ______ finished my work.

  a. don’t/had b. didn’t/have c. didn’t/had d. don’t/have

  20______ you think he ______ back by dinner time?

  a. Do/have come b. Did/will have come c. Does/will come d. Do/will have come


  1.D 2.C 3.C 4.D 5.A 6.C 7.D 8.B 9.A 10.A 11.D 12.C 13.A 14.C 15.A 16-20.BDACD


  1.______ to see a film with us today?

  a. Did you like b. Would you like c. Will you like d. Have you liked

  2.I’m sorry, but I had no alternative. I simply ______ what I did.

  a. must do b. had to do c. ought to have done d. have to do

  3.“Time is running out,______?”

  a. hadn’t we better got start b. hadn’t we better get start

  c.hadn’t we better get started d. hadn’t we better not started

  4.No one ______ that to his face.

  a. dares say b. dares saying c. dare say d. dare to say

  5.The students in the classroom ______ not to make so much noise.

  a. need b. ought c. must d. dare

  6.He said that he dropped his bag when he ______ for the bus.

  a. was runing b. was running c. were running d. is running

  7.No sooner ______ he arrived home than he ______ to start on another journey.

  a. has/was asked b. have/were asked c. had/is asked d. had/was asked

  8.“______ you give me a room for the night?” I asked on arriving at the hotel.

  a. Should b. Can c. Might d. May

  9.There are nine of them, so ______ get into the car at the same time.

  a. they may not at all b. all they may not c. they can’t all d. all they can’t

  10.“We didn’t see him at the lecture yesterday.” “He ______ it.”

  a. mustn’t attend b. cannot have attended

  c. would have not attended d. needn’t have attended

  11.“You realize that you were driving at 100 mph, don’t you?”

  “No, officer. I ______. This car can’t do more than 80.”

  a. didn’t need to be b. may not have been c. couldn’t have been d. needn’t have been

  12.he was a good runner so he ______ escape from the police.

  a. might b. succeeded to c. would d. was able to

  13.If they ______, our plan will fall flat.

  a. are co-operating b. had not co-operated c. won’t co-operate d. didn’t co-operate

  14.I hoped ______ my letter.

  a. her to answer b. that she would answer c. that she answers d. her answering

  15.He ______ live in the country than in the city.

  a. prefers b. likes to c. had better d. would rather





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